Roulette is one of the most popular games in a casino, and on the web! If you have not yet tried the "virtual wheel", then it is definitely the right time to try a game of roulette. You can easily be cached by the roulette craze, and it can be difficult to get rid of again. All casinos below this, offers roulette online. Good variety and reliable software.


Online roulette is available in two editions, the US and Europe. The only difference is that the American wheel has two spots with a zero, where the European only has one. Since both versions are available in online casinos, there is - based on the odds - no need to play American roulette online.


Whether you play on one or the other table, there will always be a special atmosphere at the roulette game. The tensions rises when the ball hazards around the wheel, and the players crosses their fingers for it to land on exactly their lucky number.


There has always been a little prestige in playing roulette, and if you want to show you up in a casino, this is where you have to stand and flash chips. There is something classic about roulette, perhaps because the game comes originally from France and the stylish casino in Monte Carlo. However, it's still a blast to play roulette in 2015!


The whole idea behind the game is brilliant and the mathematical formula for the game is developed by one of the world's most famous mathematicians, Blaise Pascal. However, he did not create the game to win money on the roulette wheel - in fact, it was in an attempt to create a perpetual motion machine.


This is how you play

Playing roulette is simple - you place your bet on the outcome, and the white ball then determines your destiny, when it falls into one of the small holes on the wheel. Depending on how many numbers you have bet on, you will then receive a prize if you hit the right outcome.


A big part of the players chooses to place their bet on a group of numbers, for instance, on all the red numbers or numbers from 1 to 12. By playing on for example, all of the red numbers, there is a increased chance of winning rather than if you only play on a single number. However, your winnings will be reduced if you win by playing this way, since you have the increased chance of winning.


Roulette online:

In principle, there is no big difference in playing roulette online and in a real casino. The applicable biggest difference is probably that you are not going to tip the croupier when you win ...


In an online casino, there is always room for you at the roulette table, and you can play for small stakes. The best roulette sites offers a large variety of games and tournaments.


Roulette for winners

Whether you win or lose in roulette depends entirely on luck. There is no way for you to influence or predict the outcome. It is completely random, if the ball lands on number 2 or 22. Yet there are a few good tips on how to become a winner in roulette. In our strategy section for roulette, we have collected a number of key things we recommend you to follow if you want to leave the casino with money in your pocket and a good feeling in the body.


Martingale system (Betting system)

A widely used system for winning at roulette is the Martingale system. Done short and quickly, it consists of that you have to play on black or red (or even / odd, 1-18 / 19-36) and redouble its efforts if you lose your first bet. So the more times in a row you lose, the higher your bet will be, and you may actually end up with a big win as the ball will at some point drop on the numbers of your chosen kind or group/section.


The only problem with this system is that it actually happens occasionally, with you ending up losing so many times in a row that you hit the ceiling on how much you have to play with. Thereby will the trick with the system disappear when you are to lose a large amount and cannot continue to double up the amount.


Try roulette for free

You get the opportunity to try the rules, strategies and Martingale system with our free roulette games. The game takes place as in a real online casino, except that you only play for fun and not risking any real money. You start out with a certain amount that you can try to see if you can get to become larger. In addition, if you lose the amount nothing happens since you play for free, so then you can just restart it and try again.

On this site, you can also learn what the different groups of numbers covers and how the board works. At this point, it does not matter if you are going to place your bet wrong, since you are still just playing for free - on the other hand it can turn out to be quite expensive when you're playing in a real casino.